Band Biography


Sativa are a 5 piece metal band currently based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Current line up is Richard Green - Vocals, Helen Seekings - Bass, Daz Park - Guitar, Jonathan Dawson - Guitar and Gordon Holt - Drums.

With lots of influences, old and new, Sativa use heavy grooves with bottom heavy/melodic guitar, piercing and aggressive vocals and intense drumming to create their own unique sound. 

Influences include: Killswitch Engage, Sepultura, Megadeth, Metallica, Korn, Slayer, Sodom, Destruction, Black Sabbath, Entombed, Down, Pantera, Fear Factory, Deftones, In Flames ... the list goes on...

MIke Friel, Richard Green and Gordon Holt created the first line-up of Sativa with Chris Neilson on bass, did a handfull of gigs in Halifax and were starting to make some good progress. Gordon had been jamming with Helen (Decadence)and a few friends over the years and when he asked her to join Sativa she didn't hesitate.
Once Helen had joined, sativa moved out of Halifax to Shipley where they had a new rehearsal room once again above a pub, and began writing more material.

Another year on and another move this time back to a traditional rehearsal room back in Halifax. Mike decided to leave to spend time with his wife and son and pursue other interests, and that's when Gordon approached long time friend and Darren Park (Decadence) and Sativa MK2 was born. 

Gordon had already written six songs ready to go, but they needed slight reworking when they went back to standard tuning. This proved a good move as it helped to polish the sound and take them back to their roots.

2012 was a year for writing and rehearsing for Sativa, they worked on more material, revamped some Decadence killers bringing them up to date and getting a decent set list together for gigging in the spring of 2013.


Sativa recorded a three tracks ep earlier this year and have since signed with an indie label Borderline Records.  With three more tracks already in production, and five more ready to jam and make ready to complete the album. They were looking to release a single in September with the album shortly after, but due to Darren being ill they had to take a break towards the end of the year until Jan 2014.


Jan saw Darren back and also Jonathan Dawson joined the Sativa ranks on guitar and the rebuilding process began...
April - With even more songs written and ready to record, Sativa are itching to get gigging again before they head back to the studio...


Richard Green - Vocals
Is one of the founding members of Sativa before they were even called Sativa. Richard loves music from classic Metallica to The Haunted, Fear Factory and more.

Helen Seekings - Bass
Joined Sativa in 2010, has worked in a few bands/projects with Gordon Holt including Decadence for nearly 10 years. Helen is true metal and takes her Bass playing seriously as a musician and writer and nails it. She likes bands like Behemoth, Deicide, Kiss (always), (True) Norwegian Black Metal, and has her own tastes in classic Rock.

Daz Park - Guitar
Joined Sativa in 2011 bringing his unique playing and writing styles to the mix. He is a Bradford based musician/writer and co-created Decadence in 1989 with Gordon. He likes his music heavy and emotional and a good party with it, but always brings a social conscience to his output.

Jonathan Dawson - Guitar
Had been working with the band for some months, helping them develop their sound and produce their demo tracks. His input and enthusiasm got the attention of the band and they asked him to join, which he officially did in January 2014. He brings with him flawless technique and a variety influences with heroes including Dimebag, Kirk Hammett and John Frusciante... 

Gordon Holt - Drums
Is one of the founding members of Sativa, after Decadence was shelved he hung up his sticks for a while until 5 years later a friend insisted they had a jam which re-ignited his passion for playing.
He was approached to join another band where he met Mike Friel and Richard Green and they started the first project which eventually became Sativa.

More to follow...