Once more to the breach my dear friends....

It's been a rollercoaster of a year for Sativa, plagued by injuries and illness. And if that wasn't enough they decided to shelve the recordings they'd done to change tunings which doesn't sound like much but has really helped them craft their sound and remove a lot of the recording bugs that were ruining the songs overall sound. 
"It has been a long process to get us to where we are" said Gordon "but it will be worth it when you hear the songs, we're booking some dates now so we can get out of the rehearsal room and do what we're in a band for, play live"

With dates to be announced soon, watch this space or checkout facebook for details.

Dropping Like Flies

Well we don't like to do things by halves, so we've got three tracks done, three recorded and three more in the pipeline... plus a further two possible tracks :)

It's been a busy few weeks at the Sativa camp, we've been busy writing even more songs to get the album done, it's still a way to go but you won't be disappointed.

The first three tracks, Institutionalised, Bend it, Dropping like flies were completed in late May and are now available to hear on this website. The next three tracks have drums and bass done with guitars being added over the next week and then vocals before pre-production and mastering.

We'll keep you posted.


New EP well under way

Helen put the bass tracks down on three tracks, sounding heavy as hell...

Band Latest

Great vibe at the sessions, i assure you ,The writing and the rapport (once a worry) now bringing a confidence to this line-up ,then the vocal sessions start early 2013.

More later.....

New website

Welcome to the new official Sativa website.

We are adding to our online presence outside of our myspace site as it is quite restricting for us...